Top Picks: Best Upcoming Multiplayer Games to Look Out For

Are you ready for an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience? Brace yourself, as the world of gaming is set to be rocked by an outstanding lineup of the best upcoming multiplayer games.

From survival in prehistoric worlds to heart-pounding races, from exploring floating islands to navigating post-apocalyptic landscapes, these games promise a whirlwind of excitement, adventure, and camaraderie.

Ready to dive in? Here we go!

Key Takeaways

  • Unleash your team spirit in ARK 2 and experience dynamic world events with cross-platform modding!

  • Race towards excitement with Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown and build new frontiers together in Lightyear Frontier!

  • Conquer alien invaders, become a vampire ruler, survive horror filled islands & battle the Justice League in Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League, all coming soon this 2023!

Unleashing Team Spirit in ARK 2

Prehistoric world with dynamic events in ARK 2

Ever imagined stepping into a world where humans and dinosaurs co-exist? Welcome to ARK 2! This upcoming survival MMORPG is a joint effort by Studio Wildcard and Groovestreet Games.

Get ready for an exciting adventure! Set to launch in 2024 on Xbox Series X and other platforms, ARK 2 promises to take online multiplayer gaming to new heights, thanks to its immersive prehistoric world and engaging gameplay mechanics.

Dynamic World Events

ARK 2 isn’t your typical action RPG. It offers dynamic world events that introduce an unpredictable element into the game.

These are independent occurrences within the game world that add excitement to the gameplay.

Whether they’re natural or unnatural events, players will encounter them regardless of their actions. It’s like stepping out on a snow day, never knowing what you’ll find.

ARK 2’s dynamic world events materialize spontaneously, irrespective of players’ actions.

This infuses the gameplay with unexpected challenges and opportunities, adding a touch of realism to the overall experience.

Cross-Platform Modding

Cross-platform modding is another fascinating feature in ARK 2. It allows players across different gaming platforms, such as:

  • PC

  • Xbox

  • PlayStation

  • Nintendo Switch

to create and share mods. This feature distinguishes it from other similar games, enriching the gameplay by enabling friends on different platforms to play together and share mods.

The thrill for developers lies in overcoming challenges associated with implementing cross-platform mods, like ensuring compatibility across diverse platforms, adhering to platform-specific modding limitations, and synchronizing updates to ensure consistency.

After all, gaming’s excitement is all about overcoming hurdles, right?

Racing Towards Excitement with Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

Racing through Hong Kong Island in Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

Ready to hit the pedal and feel the thrill of speed? Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is a car game that offers:

  • A fantastic map to race and compete in races to achieve your goals

  • Set in the magnificent Hong Kong Island

  • Takes you on a journey of speed and excitement

Very different from games like Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Freedom of Progression

The game gives you the freedom to progress at your own pace.

You can choose your own path, decide how you want to advance, and even take baby steps if that’s what you wish.

This freedom of progression adds a sense of personalization to the game.

The game allows you to unlock top-tier cars, navigate more than 650km of roads, uncover hidden areas, and experience dynamic weather and day-night cycles.

Multiplayer Competition

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown goes beyond a simple racing game.

It introduces a multiplayer competition where you can participate in player-versus-player racing events, club-based competitions, and even explore an open world with friends.

This multiplayer aspect of the game is like a risky revolution, bringing a whole new level of excitement and competition.

So, are you ready to race towards excitement with Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown?

Building New Frontiers Together in Lightyear Frontier

Exploring distant planet with friends in Lightyear Frontier

Imagine exploring a distant planet with your friends, building your home, and farming exotic plants.

Welcome to Lightyear Frontier, an open-world farming game that offers all these and more.

This game allows you to experience a world beyond our own, where friends play in the company of each other, making it a truly unique experience.

Farming with Friends

Lightyear Frontier promotes social interaction, allowing you to:

  • Farm alongside your friends rather than alone

  • Collaboratively restore desolate areas

  • Build and manage a sustainable farm

  • Grow unique crops

  • Explore the open world for crafting resources and farmable goods

This multiplayer farming experience offers a unique and engaging way to enjoy farming with others.

So, are you ready to build new frontiers together in Lightyear Frontier?

Mastering the Skies in Stormgate

War between humans and aliens in Stormgate

If you’ve ever dreamed of commanding an army to battle alien invaders, Stormgate is the game for you! This free-to-play RTS game allows you to:

  • Play both solo and in team modes

  • Engage in strategic cooperation, combining your abilities with those of your teammates

  • Overcome challenging enemies and complete missions

Stormgate offers an exciting and immersive gaming experience.

Solo and Team Modes

Stormgate offers a choice of playing solo, which provides a rich narrative that immerses you deeply into the game’s universe, or teaming up with friends for cooperative challenges.

The team-oriented mode offers well-defined roles and a variety of objectives to enrich the gaming experience.

So, are you ready to master the skies in Stormgate?

A Battle of Wits and Strategy in Homeworld 3

Intense 3D space battles in Homeworld 3

Prepare to defy gravity and venture into the depths of space with Homeworld 3, featuring space marine-like strategic freedom in 3D space.

This sci-fi RTS game offers a platform for intense 1v1 battles and cooperative gameplay.

Strategic Freedom in 3D Space

Homeworld 3 breaks free from the 2D plane that traditional RTS games confine you to, offering the freedom to navigate in true 3D space.

You can exploit this feature by using vertical movement and positioning to outmaneuver your opponents in the vast outer space.

So, are you ready for a battle of wits and strategy in Homeworld 3?

Survival of the Fittest in V Rising

Welcome to the dark world of V Rising, where you:

  • Control a vampire

  • Traverse a dark land

  • Regain your strength

  • Create an empire

This multiplayer survival game, available on pc early access, lets you experience the thrill of being a predator in a dying world.

Empire-Building Amongst Vampires

V Rising takes survival beyond merely warding off enemies; it also involves empire-building. In the game, you can:

  • Construct and upgrade your castle

  • Convert humans into loyal servants

  • Interact with other players to form alliances or rivalries in your quest for dominance.

So, are you ready for the survival of the fittest in V Rising?

Embracing the Horror in Sons of the Forest

If you enjoy the thrill of horror and the challenge of survival, Sons of the Forest is the game for you.

This first-person survival horror game features co-op gameplay, where you and your friends explore a horrifying island inhabited by mutants.

Co-op Survival Against Mutants

Sons of the Forest doesn’t limit survival to a solo quest. It incorporates a co-op mode, enabling you and your friends to join forces in the struggle for survival against mutants. From devising strategic plans to coordinating attacks, co-op survival introduces a whole new level of excitement and challenge to the game.

So, are you ready to embrace the horror in Sons of the Forest?

Defending Super Earth in Helldivers 2

In Helldivers 2, you’re not just a player; you’re a defender of Super Earth. This cooperative game pits you and your team against invading alien forces, with your success depending on your ability to upgrade your arsenal and work together as a team.

Upgrading Arsenal Through Teamwork

Survival in Helldivers 2 hinges on teamwork. Collaborative effort allows for ship upgrades and arsenal expansion, thus unlocking more resources and broadening combat options.

So, are you ready to defend Super Earth in Helldivers 2?

Crafting and Conquest in Pax Dei

Venture into the medieval world of Pax Dei, where you’re not just a player; you’re a builder, a guild creator, and an explorer.

This MMO game lets you build your base, create guilds, and explore beyond the safe haven of the Heartlands.

Guild Creation and Exploration

Creating a guild in Pax Dei offers several benefits:

  • Fosters community spirit

  • Boosts your gaming experience

  • Plays an influential role in the game’s economy

  • Crucial for constructing trading towns and setting up routes

So, are you ready for crafting and conquest in Pax Dei?

Asymmetrical Antics in Carnival Hunt

Step right up for the thrilling asymmetrical multiplayer game, Carnival Hunt. In this game, you can play as toy bunnies trying to outlast a toy monster in a monstrous carnival.

Experience the excitement of “penny’s big breakaway” as you strategize and work together to survive the night, just like the teamwork of teenage mutant ninja turtles.

The game offers a unique twist to the traditional best multiplayer games platform, providing a fresh and exciting gaming experience in the world of multiplayer games.

Toy Bunnies vs. Monster Gameplay

Carnival Hunt’s gameplay involves more than survival; it requires strategy. As a toy bunny trying to outsmart the toy monster or the monster itself, the game presents an array of strategies to keep you engaged.

So, are you ready for some asymmetrical antics in Carnival Hunt, as you explore the final shape of each challenge?

Commanding the Battlefield in Mechabellum

Welcome to Mechabellum, an auto battler game that lets you command mech squads in fully automatic combat. In Mechabellum, strategy is key.

You have to create effective and efficient squads and deploy them on the battlefield to succeed.

Squad Customization and Strategy

Customization serves as your secret weapon in Mechabellum. Tailoring your squads to match your strategy, considering units’ stats, abilities, and positioning, helps shape your play style and gives you a competitive edge.

So, are you ready to command the battlefield in Mechabellum?

Discovering the Depths in Sunkenland

Dive into the depths of the ocean with Sunkenland, a first-person game set in a submerged world.

In this game, you explore oceanic depths and scarce islands, build bases, and fight off pirates in an immersive and thrilling gameplay experience.

Base-Building Underwater

Sunkenland extends the concept of survival beyond combating enemies to include underwater base-building.

The game provides a unique base-building experience, enabling the construction of distinct structures, resource management, and the creation of a sustainable living infrastructure on the ocean floor.

So, are you ready to discover the depths in Sunkenland, unveil its history untold, and uncover the lost records hidden beneath?

Navigating Post-Apocalyptic Challenges in Synduality: Echo of Ada

Step into the post-apocalyptic world of Synduality: Echo of Ada. In this game, you fight against monsters known as Enders and use AI partners to survive and complete missions.

The video game offers a unique blend of survival, action, and elements from the fighting game genre, providing a thrilling gaming experience for fans of fighting games.

AI Partnerships and Survival

AI partnerships in Synduality: Echo of Ada aren’t mere add-ons; they form an integral part of the gameplay.

These AI partners lend crucial intelligence and support in missions, aiding you in traversing the game’s hostile environment.

So, are you ready to navigate post-apocalyptic challenges in Synduality: Echo of Ada?

Conquering the Sky Islands in ALOFT

Welcome to ALOFT, a game where you explore floating islands in the sky. In this game, you use sails to guide your island home and discover new islands.

The game offers a unique and immersive gameplay experience, allowing you to explore new worlds and build your dream home in the sky.

Island Exploration and Home-Building

Exploration in ALOFT goes beyond just discovering new islands to include home-building. Using resources found on these floating islands, you can construct a unique and personalized home.

So, are you ready to conquer the sky islands in ALOFT?

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

Get ready to join the Suicide Squad in their battle against the Justice League in Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League.

This multiplayer shooter game lets you and your team go against the Justice League and an invading alien force, providing a thrilling and action-packed gaming experience.


From the prehistoric world of ARK 2 to the floating islands of ALOFT, from the depths of Sunkenland to the star-studded skies of Homeworld 3, the gaming horizon is teeming with thrilling multiplayer games.

These upcoming games promise an adrenaline-pumping, immersive, and fun-filled experience, offering a fresh perspective on multiplayer gaming.

Are you ready to dive into these exciting multiplayer games and embark on unforgettable gaming adventures?

Frequently Asked Questions

What big games are coming out in 2024?

Get excited – 2024 is bringing some amazing games to look forward to, including Star Wars Outlaws, Dragon’s Dogma 2, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, major Destiny 2 and Final Fantasy 14 expansions, and more!

The most popular game in 2023 so far is an online game – playing it has become a worldwide phenomenon!

What is unique about the gameplay of ARK 2?

ARK 2 introduces unique elements to the gameplay with dynamic world events and cross-platform modding, making for an unpredictable and exciting experience.

How does Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown differ from other racing games?

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown stands out from other racing games with its freedom of progression and intense multiplayer competition, creating an exciting and personalized experience.

How does Lightyear Frontier incorporate the multiplayer aspect in its gameplay?

Lightyear Frontier is a blast with friends – join up to four of your pals online and customize your mechs to work together for a thrilling co-op experience!

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