Date Publication Headline
Nov 11, 2021 DevOps Institute “How to Delegate: an Important Human Skill for 2022”
June 29, 2021 Inside Quantum Technology (60 Page report behind paywall) “Quantum Computing in Financial Services: Requirements, Applications and Expenditures”
Dec 27, 2019 “Best of 2019: Critical Skills Developers Need to Avoid Getting Left Behind”
Jul 8, 2019 Forbes “5 Critical Metrics When Deciding What To Automate In AIOps”
Mar 11, 2019 Forbes “Is Your IT Workforce Ready For AIOps?”
Nov 23, 2018 Third Republic #DevOpsQA: Marco Coulter, Technical Evangelist @ App Dynamics
Mar 1, 2018 New York University – Ask the Expert Series
Oct 1, 2014 Computer Weekly DE Der harte Kampf um Open-Source-Storage-Software
Mar 12, 2014 CMS Wire Want Happy Customers? Put Your Data to Work
Aug 9, 2012 Nur verhaltenes Interesse (Only Restrained Interest in Big Data)
Aug 8, 2012 Stockage de données: les investissements 2012 privilégient les SAN sur FC et le SSD (Data
Storage: 2012 Investments Focus on FC SANs and SSD)
Jul 31, 2012 Enterprise El ‘Big Data’ Todavía está en Etapa Embrionaria (‘Big Data’ is Still in the Embryonic Stage)
Sep 9, 2011 Gerencia Experto internacional en TI insta a empresas a sumarse a la revolución del cloud en Entel Tech Day (International IT expert urges companies to join
the cloud revolution at Entel Tech Day
May 27, 2011 市场遇冷 大公司不考虑公共云存储服务 (The market is cold. Big companies do not consider public cloud storage services.)
May 23, 2011 JavaWorld Big firms shunning public cloud storage
May 23, 2011 ITWorld Report: Large companies shun cloud for some things it does badly at great expense
May 5, 2011 Network Computing
Storage Sales Soar, But Many Vendors Under Pressure
May 3, 2011 ComputerWorld Fortune 1000 Firms Shun Public Cloud Storage
2011-2015 451 Research (now S&P Global Market Intelligence) 177 Reports Written for 451 Research
Apr 14, 2010 More IT managers plan to spend less, Oracle struggles with users, survey finds
Oct 26, 2007 Enterprise Storage Forum Stop the Storage Software Madness!
Jun 7, 2003 Channel Daily News When bad things happen to good data
Sep 3, 2002 Sydney Morning Herald Local boys climb to the top